All products sold by A2Z LEDS come with a limited warranty. This limited warranty does not include product failures that are the result of:

  • Misuse
  • Mishandling
  • Negligence
  • Vehicle Modifications & Electrical System Modifications
  • Damage caused by a vehicle or other accidents
  • Electrical power surges
  • Damage from hail, flooding, tornado, fire, wind, earthquake, lightning, electrical storm or any other natural disaster
  • Damage caused when transporting the item
  • Damage to any products that were modified by the user, used for purposes other than as intended or directed

This limited warranty also expressly excludes coverage for excessive wear and tear and/or physical or accidental abuse, loss, or theft. Buyer is responsible for the safe transport of any item sent to A2Z LEDS for warranty service.

If you have an item you believe to be faulty, contact A2Z LEDS immediately and request tech support. You may be required to provide photos, videos, and/or descriptions of the item(s) not performing properly. It is A2Z LEDS goal to troubleshoot thoroughly to eliminate any unnecessary time or hassle on behalf of the customer. Failing to comply and provide the information requested by A2Z LEDS will result in a void of warranty.

A2Z LEDS will not provide replacement items before the original items have been returned, tested, and deemed faulty. If you need a replacement item while the return process is taking place, then you can repurchase the items. Once the testing process is complete and assuming the product is faulty, a refund will be issued for the purchase price of the product. A2Z LEDS will not refund shipping costs on replacement items.

If the product is found to be working properly and the error lies in the installation, or with other non-A2Z LEDS products being used, then the product will be returned to the customer via our standard shipping method. If the customer has paid for a replacement item while the return process is being processed and the original product is found to be working properly, then the customer will receive the original product back and no refund.

Buyer’s sole right under this warranty is for repair or replacement of the defective item.

This warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original purchaser of such items, provided that products purchased from an authorized A2Z LEDS reseller will also include the above limited warranty. Proof of purchase may be required. 

Warranty Claim : 

In order to replace your defect product, we need you to follow some steps in order to process your claim. Be assured you won't need to send back to us your defect product. Simply cut the LED connector and take a clear picture of the LED and its connector with the serial number clearly visible. Finally, fill the form above and upload your picture. We always try to send replacement the same week in order to let you enjoy your purchase in peace.

Here's an example :