The lexicon is below the form.
  • Lexicon : 

    • Year/Make/Model/Submodel

    Example : 2018 Ford Focus ST

    • Kind Of Lights :
    1. Low Beams : Often refers as the night lights on most vehicles
    2. High Beams : Often refers as upper-beam, which is mostly used to brighten a longer distance in front of the car. On newer vehicles, they are also used as day running lights (DRL). 
    3. Fog Lights : Most of the time these lights are located in the bottom part of your vehicle's bumper. Some cars are not equipped with fog lights.
    • Stock Halogen Bulbs : Standard inefficient yellow lighting result.
      • Stock Xenon/HID's Bulbs : Mostly found on headlights with projectors. Colour of lighting is most of the time already whiter than standard halogen bulbs. When turned on, lights come on gradually.


      • Coupe (2 Doors), Hatchback, Sedan (4 Doors) :